[GIVEAWAY] Enter to win 200GB (!!!) of royalty-free sound FX from Sonniss

“We now have over $8000 worth of sound libraries to give away (204 in total containing nearly 200GB of files) – all royalty-free with commercial usage rights. Whoever wins this collection will be pretty much setup for the rest of their life. It contains everything you will ever need and has been recorded and designed by some of the worlds best sound designers and recordists.”


I wish i had the time t go through the 10GB they gave away the other day. But thx for letting me know :slight_smile:

Thanks Adrian! Really crazy competition!

Hmm… My Spam sense is tingling…

I also found it a bit iffy that they do not state what they intend to do with the information they collect

Hence I used a SPAM safe email address … 8-}

I only use it for these type of things.

Mine too, and I didn’t even click on the link.

I did get the 9Gb of free files, the other day and while I like high quality, 180Mb wav files for a few seconds of a sound clip I could make in audacity, seems to be the bulk of that “collection”

With this post, BOLD Caps, 3 x Exclamation points, Large file - means quality? and large unsubstantiated “worth this much” dollar amount, I have to say Sonniss has not lost any credibility to me as a professional outfit.

Excellent, thanks for the link. Their 10GB giveaway was amazing. I’m guessing they’ve discovered that giving away so much meant that they got a lot of coverage and made more money than usual because of it. It’s nice to see them trying something similar. Cheers, Adrian! :slight_smile:

Transmitthis, 180MB wav files are far longer than a few seconds. You couldn’t make the bulk of them in Audacity. Adrian isn’t Sonniss. ALL subject lines are in bold in this forum. The exclamation marks were added by the OP. Larger files come from less compression, which DOES mean quality. You are welcome to disprove the dollar amount if you want to: the tracks and their prices are listed on the page the OP linked to. This wasn’t your best post. Try being a bit more positive! :slight_smile:

Agreed with Jezcentral.
I was happy as a child after I’ve discovered how good was the 10GB content so I’m looking forward to this raffle

This looks legit to me, they even show you all of the packs (and their prices) in a list here:

Would be awesome to win, do I get extra points for being from the same city Adrian?? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • (you’ve read more of my posts, I’m not worthy. ;))

Ok, you got me, had a bad day, sorry, and I mistook this post as being “from Sonniss” directly, which would be a little off into spam land.
Seems to be a brand awareness, advertising push, which starts my spider sense tingling.

I have to take issue with this though “Larger files come from less compression, which DOES mean quality”
Technically while higher bitrate would denote a less compressed file, it does not speak to quality in the other context.

Quality of recording is not synonymous with the Quality of the asset.
(In the same way, you could have a meal consisting of nothing but homegrown organic heirloom tomatoes, but you wouldn’t have had a quality meal) sheesh my comparisons need work :slight_smile:

But yes, sure if you use a "managed address, and pseudonym, then you may get some useful effects, I couldn’t even begin to categorize, rename and listen to that much media to make any real use of it though lol, but 6000 peeps seem to think its’ a good idea.