Give XP for visit a place

my Question is, how can i do when the Player visit a new place at the map he becomes XP Points for the first time?

Place a collision volume that covers the entrance or the area. When the player enters, grant them xp via a cast and disable / remove the volume.

I have a feeling this is going to require more explanation…you also need to somehow “save” the fact that the player went there since the OP wants this to happen only the “first time”. If you close the game or the level is more open world then even deleting the volume wouldn’t be effective the next time you play. If you are just getting started in UE4 I suggest checking out some beginner tutorials. This series I created will go over a lot of the basics that you need to actually pull something like this off properly. Things like casting, references, save/load cycles, scoring systems (or XP really same thing) and creating basic UI will all be helpful. Check it out, try to create an XP system yourself and then come back if you need help with specifics.

This is a example.
Ive made a Leveling System and for this time i can add XP with Pressing the “Q” on Keyboard.

greetings :slight_smile: