Give us the option to allow the main window to go above floating windows


As recently discussed in the 4.8 preview thread, the new ctrl+tab switching is rendered useless by the fact that the main window cannot go above floating editors. I understand that this is a design decision that is most likely here to stay, but can we at least get the option to turn off that behavior?

Best regards,
Damir H.

I believe with the release of 4.8, this deserves another shot.

I haven’t moved to 4.8 yet, but I’m really surprised this is still the case. Frankly I always assumed this was a bug, I find it incredibly annoying when working with limited screen space. I just want to be able to switch between different windows without any priority.

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for for the great feature request! I have submitted a feature request that’s similar to what you’re asking for. Basically to pull up menus in immersive mode, so that the viewport is the full screen with or without menus. If you wish to check up on this feature request in the future, please refer to: UE-17304

Have a great day!