Give us source-control hosting solutions, not more unusable assets like Megascans!

Most starting Unreal development teams fail even when it comes to find, set-up, or pay for a source-control hosting solution. The usual free e.g. 5 GB Github hostings can’t even take e.g. the 8 GB set of your 10 Megascan Trees.
So what the development community really needs is a solution (either you cooperate with one of the existing firms for that, or make your own) where we can set-up easy source-control and use it for free within the required size / bandwith for development. As you might know, during development teams often copy 10-20 whole, complete asset packs minimum on the repo, before migrating it later out to the then smaller resulting version consisting only of the really used assets to build the .exe.

E.g.: each repository free for up to 10 users, 200 GB repo size, unlimited bandwith transfer.
Then Epic has one “standard” solution for source control and has no longer suppor 3 as right now.

Also game developers don’t need the costly/heavy Megascan assets which might be put to use in some ArchVis or render-only projects, but are absolutely usable for game-dev.
Also theme/content wirse, we need stuff that many people require in their projects, and have usable sets of assets. Not the exotic stuff /special themes that are available up to now, like lava-fields, or parts for a victorian house.
We dont need anymore scanned rock, but assets we really need…just look at the paid marketplace categories: like items, weapons, furniture, vehicles, …

P.S.: i had to select a tag here and was given the choices between VR and animation. could not enter new tag. so i chose the less false tag.