Give somthing more for the people who get top 10 Karma every week .


i liked to suggest to give something more for the people who help others and take their personal time to answer other people question as they deserve more , and may be something like 20 $ free marketplace items or anything that encourage people to answer others questions in answerhub and not just ask , these may be 100 or 200 $ peer week will really effect UE community .

what do you think ?


I like the suggestion :smiley:

Yeah it will be very cool , i 'm one of the people who like to help and i answer some questions in answer hub from time to time when i post my question but there are no motivation to keep answering questions , but imagine if the top 10 will get 100$ or even 20 $ free market place some people will like help and they just need a little motivation to keep doing the good things . some people may put the answer hub as homepage to gain the prize :slight_smile:

Sellers would hate that idea I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
They already want Epic to lower the 30% lol

How thats would affect sellers? As far as i understand OF idea, it’s basically epic sponsor Answerhub top 10 with money to spend on marketplace.

I though you were talking about free asset gifts. Where sellers wouldn’t take any cut from.

Hehe no thats something epic need to pay :smiley: