Give Me My GFuel: it’s a game that’ll exist

I want to take a break from my current project, Two Guns Two Goals, as development has been PAINFULLY slow. If anyone ever looked at the dev log I set up, I haven’t changed anything on it not because I stopped doing it but because there’s nothing to update with. Anyways, here’s my idea:

It’ll be a speedrunning game. I’m inspired by Mr Krabs Overdoses on ■■■■■■■■. I have no idea what I’ll do for level design, but I do know what I want to do for objectives/story: your radioactive lemonade GFuel gets stolen by a Nice Guy, and you have to go throughout the world avoiding or beating the gamers and Pokimane Simps. When you beat the enemies, they may drop a serving of GFuel, which will give you a strength health and speed buff, on top of giving you a fedora (maybe). Then, at the end of the game, you have to battle the Nice Guy in order to try out your brand new GFuel flavor.

I’m pretty sure I have to get licensing rights from GFuel but if it’s free is it ok?

Also, I’d like some advice on level design. What kinda level do you think would suit this? I’ve only done procedural levels before so…

Before seeing this post, I had never heard of the “Mr. Krabs Overdoses” game and spent a solid 10 minutes laughing at the dialogue alone! :laughing: If your game comes out anything like the one mentioned earlier, you may be onto something, though I would reach out to GFuel support before committing to anything!

yup. even if I cant release it, I wanna make it. maybe send it to moist critical.

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You have a keen eye; I’m sure XQC, Mizkif, and Ludwig would play this game too. You could probably even get Summit to play it. :eyes: All the same, I’m interested in seeing this game come to fruition!

Why thank you! Any ideas on level design? Running solo, so…

The pleasure is all mine! As far as level design goes, the best place I can think of to host a game of this nature is perhaps TwitchCon. I can see myself running through a level design like a huge TwitchCon event, trying to collect GFuel and avoiding obstacles such as other streamers and fans of said streamers!

I like that idea actually, ill jot that down!

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Glad I could help! I’ll take my compensation in the form of the special thanks section within the credits scene of your game! I’m kidding, of course. :laughing: