Give focus to and select contents of first editable field in a node on selection/creation

Hi Guys,

It would be awesome if the first editable field of a node was given focus and its contents were selected, when that node was created or selected. So for example, you create an add node in you network:

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 8.03.58 pm.png&stc=1&d=1433326503

Note how the first editable field is automatically given focus and its contents are selected. This means that the moment you create this node, you can start typing the value, without the need to first click in the field and/or double click to select it’s entire contents (saving you 3 extra clicks), as you are unlikely to want the default 1.000000 value. Nodes already support tabbing through input fields, if focus is in the text field itself, so this is already covered, meaning the moment you create a node, you can swiftly tab through to the right value and edit it :slight_smile:

Extra credit goes to doing the same thing when the node is clicked on, as you are likely to want to edit the value in field also at this point. None of this should interfere with dragging the node around etc.


EDIT: Just a quick note here, that the reason I’ve come to this feature request, is that I did a quick 3 day game jame to see what I could make. I tallied up the number of times that I clicked inside these fields just to edit the values. The number came to a rather astounding 2132 times in 3 days… my poor mouse. a) yes I have a lot of BPs b) I tallied on paper with strokes c) yes my finger hurts a bit :slight_smile:


I agree this would be great for most nodes. The first thing you do after adding a node is clicking it to change the field(s) it contains.

For example print. No one really wants to print “Hello” everywhere. Although it’s polite, it’s not particularly useful.

Issue is here, I voted for it.

Great idea ! Would be even greater if, when you create a node, you can directly enter an operation in the node research dialog and it’s giving you the adequate node.

For exemple : typing +10 would give you a +float node with 10 value :