.gitignore for UE4 4.7+


I still haven’t quite found a .gitignore most people agree on. I see there is this question How do I setup Git for an UE4 project? - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums which kind of talks about this, but it is a bit outdated, and I would like to know if there is a de facto standard for writing a .gitignore for unreal engine 4 projects (both for OS X and Windows). Like, what do you guys use as a .gitignore for your projects?

I don’t think there really is a de facto standard for any .gitignore, since each project has its own unique requirements. But after having run into this several times myself, I made a repository on Github containing the one that I use for my projects. I maintain it actively, so if you run into anything I’ve missed please submit an issue or pull request. It’s based off the one that was at some point merged into Github’s collection of .gitignores (which was later removed, link below)

Here’s the link to mine: GitHub - samsheff/UE4-Gitignore: My .gitignore for Unreal Engine 4 Projects, used as the base of Github's.

and the one I based mine on: Added my Gitignore for Unreal Engine 4 Projects by pollend · Pull Request #1274 · github/gitignore · GitHub

There’s also a new, slightly less complete one in a PR on Github’s repo that can be found here: Add UnrealEngine.gitignore by 0ndorio · Pull Request #1464 · github/gitignore · GitHub

Hopefully this helps!

Edit: There’s one based on mine, now available through GitHub’s official repo. See here: gitignore/UnrealEngine.gitignore at main · github/gitignore · GitHub