GitHub with source built engine

I’m trying to set up a GitHub repository for a project that’s using a source built engine. I have to use this so that we can have a server built out. I’ve set up a fork from the EpicGames Git for the source build, which is what the other person is using, so that we can absolutely be sure that we’re on the same version of Unreal. However, it looks like there’s still more undelying Unique Identifiers tied to the engine on each computer. So whenver the other person is downloading the project we have from GitHub, it’s saying it’s a different version of unreal, so it has to rebuild a bunch of .dll files and it makes a change of like 80 files that has is changed in Git. I’ve even tried adding all these files individually to .gitignore and this did not resolve the issue.

First of all you don’t need fork if all you gonna do is download source, you can clone directly from UE4 repo, fork is only needed if you plan to modify the engine source and then submit pull requests.

This is indeed inconvenience of using source build, if your team gonna use it then they need to build there own dlls. so don’t place any binaries in your repositories.

Since you only need source for building server then only one person needs to do so, you might consider using binary version of engine and one person would have extra source engine build so they can switch and do the server build, person who runs server for test for example. When you use source build then you should not upload uproject file to git, you could even try adding it in .gitignore, while having uproject in repo before that

So… if i’m understanding you right… the GitRepo does’t need to be a source built priject? Just convert it on my (i’m the one that would build out the server and do testing) end when need be?