Github Student pack - Research

I applied using the new github education program (and let my subscription expire). I am a graduate student doing more project/research based stuff with UE so i applied under “researcher” for github (since its more inline with what i use github/UE4 for). My github account was upgraded and my status shows as approved ( ). Am I suppose to receive a code? Not sure how its suppose to work (on unreal access side) once you are approved?

I had ask tim/epic and it seems like i should fall under

Is it because i was applied/approved as a researcher (and only works with student?)

Kevin “Malfate” Rushin


When I used this pack, after being approved you must access - - go to page end and click in the UnrealEngine link “Get access using your unique link”, ensure you’re logged in the, after that just follow the process.

Note: for me, was necessary download and install UE again to see UE 4.5 avaliable, but probably won’t be a problem for you :slight_smile:

I guess i’ll just resubmit it as a student, silly separate process (Researcher != Being able to claim “Student Pack”).
Reading fine print helps but kinda makes me wonder whats the point of all the others besides student, had upgraded github account but that was it?

Thanks for the clarification and how it should work (claiming and such)