GITHUB ruined me?

I have been working for months now on a new game. I eventually decided to try using GitHub to keep a version control. I installed the repo into kybdev folder and tried a push… needless to say it failed (sever hung up error). I dont mind that it failed but I now seem to be left with nothing but a lot of 1Kb uasset files (some are not) which cannot be seen in the content browser only windows explorer :frowning: is this something anyone has experience of, is it an expected git action and if so is there anyway to reverse the git process? :_(


You maybe have moved the content somewhere else, let’s hope you can find it. By default, editor is auto save stuff for you in the Saved/ folder of project. Also backups in another folder you fill find. That should ease on any loss might have occured.

I don’t think github is responsible for the problem, but it may not the best choice for storing binary content anyways.

thanks although I think it ewas git. All the files which no longer show in CB but do in Windows are 1KB files which contain the following:

oid sha256:a357a53de566241ef9efcee39c0c6931c342f81ed676c380e6e8baf240e87108
size 351542

so it has moved the data somewhere and these are pointers?

have written myself a wee program to undo this damage :slight_smile: wont make that same mistake again!

i try to back up the files i am working on in Unreal atleast once a day … the program files them selves where most of the work is done are ultra small and fit on almost any usb drive,

I suggest doing the same, not only to to avoid potential future mess ups like u just had, but can also save u from a hard drive failure.

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome.