Github problems!

I am planning to install Unreal Engine 4 on my new laptop if I get it, but as I am going to use Ubuntu 14.10 I will need a source code. However, for some reason(propably site update) account section doesn’t have an option to link my github profile. I might need a help with this. Could anyone help me, please?

Hey Adriansnetlis,

Are you not able to go [here][1] and click on ‘Get UE4 Full Source Code’ where it says ‘[Learn about linking your Github account][2]’ to download the UE4 Source Code? Because if you can get there, all you need to do is create your account at, then go to your account and associate your GitHub username with your UE4 account.

The website is showing an error currently, but that is a known issue which we’re looking in to. It should be fixed shortly. Please respond here if you’re not able to attach your GH account to your UE4 account by tomorrow.


Epic Games
[2]: Unreal Engine on GitHub - Unreal Engine

OK! So that is common bug of site?

Today I could make changes in profile, but it appears so I still can’t access EpicGames page in Github. Strange!

I think that will be great that you put an aditional step: you have to receive an invitation in github from EpicGames organization to join it.