Github or Epic Games Launcher?

Hey, I’ve had the ark dev kit downloaded through the epic games launcher for some time now, but I’ve seen other people have it downloaded through github. Are there any pros/cons to using one over the other?

Github will generally be a newer version of the devkit.
IE: Current github version is 252.6, I believe the launcher is still on 251.
Launcher will be updated eventually

Thanks! One more question, if I decide to switch over to the github version, do I have to re-download everything or can I copy/paste some of the files from the launcher?

Also, in the post where they announced the update to the dev kit, they offered a link that you could extract to the launcher install directory and manually “update” it. Is this not the same thing that github was updated to at the same time?

You download both zips in that link. Binaries and Diff Content. Copy the contents of both zips into the devkit replacing the files in the devkit.