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I noticed that master branch doesn’t really contain latest changes made by Epic, 4.11 branch has lots of changes that aren’t present in master branch, such as capsule shadows showcased in Paragon lighting tech stream.

Am I missing something or there were some global changes regarding master branch policy?

Hi BiggestSmile,

The only commits going into the 4.11 branch at this time are solely related to 4.11, and getting it ready for release. Changes to the 4.11 branch will periodically be copied over to the Master branch, which is where ongoing development post 4.11 will continue.

Thanks for reply, .

Though i wonder why you took this approach, why new features weren’t developed in master branch as they usually are? Or copied from separate feature branch to master branch.

Just being curious :slight_smile:

Up until the 4.11 branch was created, everything was going into the Master branch. After getting the Master branch to a relatively stable point, we created the 4.11 branch, which will be used to get that version of the Engine ready for release.

Essentially what this allows us to do is maintain one version of the Engine where we are focused specifically on 4.11, and another version of the Engine where we are continuing to add features and fixes that will be coming after 4.11. Right now, the 4.11 branch should just be getting fixes and polish up until release.

Thank you :slight_smile: