Github loading slow, getting unicorn when try to submit/compare branches

Dear Friends at Epic,

Github for EpicGames is loading slowly and when I try to submit / compare branches for a new pull request I get this picture

Rest of my internet is normal, and I’ve never seen this before!

Any ideas?

I like the unicorn motif :slight_smile:


I think its related to Github. Huge traffic maybe…:confused:

I think you’ve overloaded GitHub with all your comments Rama :slight_smile:

Hee hee! * blushes *


This issue is still going on, I still can't compare branches to make a new pull request, I just get the unicorn



I’m also seeing the same problem today when comparing branches. Let’s give it a few more hours, and if it is still slogging along then I’ll get in contact with the GitHub folks. It looks like their server utilization is spiking right now.


Thank you for the update Mike!

Thanks for supporting the whole Github system in general, it is a lot of fun to be able to contribute to the Engine!



GitHub compares seem to be working okay for me now.

Sure! This was something that many of the engineers at Epic were passionate about and contributed a lot of effort toward in the past year. I will pass along the word.


Yes please do!