Github link is not working


I am struggling to link my github account with unreal engine account. Everything seems to work fine but I never received an invitation from github to join unreal engine organization, nor I see the unreal badge in my profile.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

before you ask, the invitation message was not in spam either

I have this same issue. Linked account yesterday and never got the github email. unlinked then linking again did not solve the issue.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but I tried to download the windows launcher from a windows PC and almost right after the login inside the launcher I received the mail telling me epic games added my github profile into their organization. I hope this might help somebody who was in this same condition.

I was getting the same issue as well, linked up the accounts yesterday but did not receive an email till today. Even after receiving the email and accounts are linked, i dont have access to Unreal4 repository.

Did you accept the invitation on github?

Yes, i did accept the invitation. The accounts are linked but I only see two repositories for some reason and cant access Unreal4 as shown in the image below

if you go to this address where does it redirect you?

it directs me back here Epic Games · GitHub

the same as the image above with 2 repositories.

You don’t even see the epicgames badge in your profile?
Did you also try to log in inside the launcher?
What about this other link?

I do see the badge in my profile as you can see in the attached image and the other link also redirects me back to the same page as other links

I haven’t the slightest idea then… If I were you I would try to clean your browser cache and login back to github and if still nothing changes, I would give a try to login inside the launcher (if you have access to a windows or a mac pc): to me all changed once I did that.
If still nothing, I hope that somebody else has a solution for you.

Thanks a lot for your help, i will give it a go.

Dont we have any official Epic’s email address where I can ask this ?

You’re welcome, I hope you get to pull it off.

I tried (found in the help section of the site if I remember correctly) but unfortunately it answered me back an automatic message saying that that address is not monitored.

Oh thanks! You save my time.