[Github] Forking and collaborating with others - Recommended process?

Hi all!

As a prerequisite, I am (relatively) new to both UE and Git, but I have experience with other engines and version control software such as Perforce, Svn etc. So my apologies if I am missing some obvious steps.

I’m running into an issue when it comes to adding collaborators to my fork of the engine. I have made modifications to some engine code in order to mess around and try to implement some new functionality, and would now like to demonstrate this to others. However, I appear to be unable to add collaborators, nor make the repo public.

I assume that this is intentional, as I have read that it is not possible to set a fork to be public. I assume that these restrictions also extend to the addition of collaborators since I (obviously) do not have permission to add collaborators on the “main” UE repo (Is “main” the correct terminology here? I’m aware git uses slightly different terms).

My question is, what is the recommended setup for achieving the above? Say if I want to fork the engine and work on that fork with others (or at least, show them my work), how do I go about doing that? I haven’t had any issue adding collaborators to my UE *project *repo (which I assume is because it is my repo) but don’t know what to do in regards to the engine source.

Please Note that I don’t have any intention to submit a pull request or in any way merge my changes back into the UE “release”, this is purely for experimentation and personal reasons. (If that makes any difference)

I really appreciate any help you all can give me, thanks!