[GitHub] Forking an engine plugin and sharing it.

Dear Epic,

I’ve been looking at the ScriptPlugin/ScriptGeneratorPlugin and I’m interested in forking it and maybe going down a different path than the original author. I know git users cannot share engine source, but in the case of experimental engine plugins, are there any options for sharing modified plugin code? I believe I cannot restrict my code to the Epic organization on github, but I don’t want to keep my work to myself.

Is there anything for developers to work with in this regard?


Most of the plugins that have source are just on regular public Github.

Epic has no public repositories, so how did you reach this conclusion?

You can clone the UnrealEngine repository from Epic on GitHub (on the site, into an repo on your account) and that clone will be restricted to UE4 subscribers, not open to the public. There you can create your own branches with whatever additions and changes you wish, and they are shared with anyone having an active subscription.

Yes, Mikand79 is right. I posted a similar response on the AnswerHub site.