GitHub endlessly churning

Hi guys

I have set up my dev environment with VS2013 and everything works fine so far.

The only exception is GitHub. When I navigate to my local repository, GitHub displays the “Loading changes…” message - seemingly forever (I’ve let it run for over 10 hours).

Does anyone have an idea why this could be?


Very disappointing this post did not get a response. I experience the same issue. Tried reinstalling and completing wiping my ‘github for windows’ cache. But no dice. Looks like I will be sticking with the source .zip files

I’ve also had this happen on occasion.

It also regularly becomes unresponsive for minutes at time while sitting on 13-20% CPU usage and using up to 1GB of ram whenever I try and scroll in the repository info window (history, uncommitted files etc).

Sounds like its crunching away on something :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the very same issue. I’m just using console to status and pull git and everything is fine. I think their windows gui client is a pile of **** and it can’t handle such big projects.

QFT. Github for windows is an abomination. Use command line, or another git client.

Thanks a lot guys!

To anyone who’s looking for a free and fully featured alternative to the GitHub app I suggest taking a look at SourceTree (no need to install Git separately).

Cool, downloading it now