Github Desktop problem when moving assets between folders in UE content browser

Hello people,
I’m just trying to use Github Desktop for the first time for a project. I also want to use it offline only. This actually worked very easily and well, but after experimenting with it a bit, I ran into a major problem after a short while. Maybe I am using it wrong?!?

**Example: **
I create an actor in my “Blueprints” folder in UE4’s content browser. After that I create a commit in Github Desktop via the source control. After that I MOVE the actor to another folder and create a commit again via the source control. Now when I want to MOVE the Actor again back to my “Blueprints” folder, UE4 gives an error message that there already a file exists with the same name. After this problem I looked in Windows Explorer in the project folder and found that Github has a dummy file (3Kb) with the same name stored there.
Am I making a mistake here?
Maybe someone of you has an idea or maybe it has happened yourself before?

thank you