GitHub code and Subscriptions

Hi Epics,

When someone is uploading his Engine changes to GitHub, like Andrew Scheidecker’s changes to support his BrickGame, that changes are lost (to the other subscribers) when that person cancels his subscription.

Would it be possible that you create another repository, f.e. collecting feature branches, or some other means where subscribers, if they choose so, can push code before they end their subscription so nothing is lost to other subscribers?

What do you other guys here on the Forum think?

You wont be able to access a private fork of the Engine when you subscription ends, that is quite normal I guess. But you can for (for example) Andrews fork and push it to a different remote. The remote must be private though, because non licensees can not have access to it. You could use BitBucket or Fog Creeks Kiln among others. This way you will be able to the code that you are entitled to.

Im not talking about me wanting to access things when my subscription ends, Im talking about the other way around. I take as an example Andrew Scheideckers Brick Game changes because they are gone to us subscribers. Either because he deleted the repo but I think it got automatically deleted by the end of his subscription.

Yes I guess its because its a private fork directly from the main UnrealEngine git repo, when you are not entitled to the root you wont be to the leafs. That is how GitHub works I guess. So holding the fork in a different remote, your private GitHub for example if you pay for a paid plan, you wont lose that code. The same when others end their subscription, their code is gone too. I think Epic has a simple GitHub account so they are only able to host for 5 or 10 private Git repos.

I dont know what you are talking about. :slight_smile: Sorry.

I still think you understand me the wrong way around. I do not talk about loosing my stuff or access when my subscription ends. I talk about us all loosing access to stuff when a third parties sub ends and the GitHub repo vanishes.

I know :slight_smile: But thats how GitHUb works, if your person A is not entitled to the repo (main Unreal) no one will be able to access any of their private forks. Its a bit of a pain in the you know where hahaha

The only way to avoid that is to hold a copy of that code somewhere else, private of course, like pushing a fork of Andrews repo to another remote (thats how a server that holds a repo is called in git). Just make sure only subscribers have access to that private copy, if not you are violating the agreement.

If Epic has to maintain all valuable forks from subscribers they are going to go mad I guess, also the cost would be massive.

Thats why I suggest a place where one can dump things for subscriber’s to access. That wouldn’t need any maintenance at all. If someone changes the engine the only way to share is via GitHub, all else ways could end up in big trouble if you share the code with non subscribers.

That is true, but a place without Epic maintenance could be a mess in very short time. But you can share changes not only on GitHub, it just must be private and only for subscribers. Many developers are having their own version control systems setup, some on their very own servers, others using other services that permits private ones.

But yes, a central repo for contributions would be great, I’m just not sure about the maintenance efforts and costs. It is very easy to slow down a whole git repo if you push to many binary files, so having a repo that is not actively maintained will for sure lead to issues.

Its just code. The difference between UE 4.3.1 and Andrew Scheideckers Engine is 33 kb :wink:

Of course that Andrews fork is just code :smiley: but if someone accidentally pushes the whole content folder? I think something like that would be awesome with a review system, then you can approve the contribution.

I wonder if posting a DIFF file is possible for non-subscribers (whether they can legally post it without an active account), as that would get around this situation as anyone wanting to use the file would need the engine code to diff from as well.

But I don’t think Epic would do this, it would eventually cost them money for the extra storage, and since these accounts are not subscribers (not paying), I can’t see Epic wanting to provide this service for free, unless the user is willing to pay for the storage, but not likely if they can’t pay the subscription. :slight_smile:

Yep, such a thing will be quite expensive in the long run. Awesome but expensive :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fork Mikand79 :slight_smile: I’ve just saved it, I wasn’t even aware that Andrew has dropped his subscription…

Even a subforum for subscribers with upload rights for some sizeable patches would overcome the might-be-lost to the community issue.

Oh yea and if Epic would allow posting diff files that would be great. No need for another machanism then. But if they dont say its allright I wouldn’t dare to post it, the diff files do contain alot lines of engine code.

I can’t see a reason why Patches can’t be stored on free GitHub account.