GitHub cant commit new blueprint classes

Robin Andblom
Jan 20, 11:53

Hi! I am in a group project in Unreal Engine 4.9.2. Whenever group members adds a new blueprint to the project, it isn’t made visible in changes tab in Github desktop application. So whenever other team members try to sync, we never get the commits. I know you might not be familiar with Unreal Engine, but if I add something to a project in our repository, it doesnt show upp in the changes tab in the github desktop application. We deleted everything on all team members repository folders, except for one member, to commit and use his project files. We cloned his files to our computer. We have included git ignore file in our project/repository.

What do you think the problem might be?

hello robin i have the same problem and for sovle this problem i have to open gitignore file and remove the lines _.uasset and . i dont no if that can help you for after but if you have the same problem after try this