Github and UE4 account problems

Hello! I got some trouble with connecting my Github account on my UE4 account (I hope this is the right place to turn). I have entered my github account name on the Account page of my UE4 account, under profile. I’m guessing that’s the place. Anyway, I entered my Github account I’ve had for a while, but when I try to access this link, that earlier on this page told me that I could access when I had paired the accounts, I just get an 404 error. I get that on the “test link” here as well. Have I done something wrong? I’ll also attach some images with this post.

Thanks in advance!


Hey Kakan9898-

After pairing the Unreal Engine and GitHub accounts you should receive an email from Github at the email address used for the GitHub account (if different from the UE email address). Following the instructions in the email should allow you to access the engine source.