Github 4.19


I just tried to grab 4.18 off git yesterday, compiled, ran, and it says that its 4.19?!

What magic is this?
(master branch)

Please, check again, you have certainly checked out the master (ie. In development branch). This tells us that, while they have just released 4.18, they are also already developing the next(s few) release(s)

Try instead either the explicit 4.18 branch, or the rolling stable ‘release’ branch

If that’s the correct behavior when you get master then sorry to waste anyones time.

I will rebase to “release”

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Yep im an idiot, so so sorry.

“The master branch tracks live changes by our engine team. This is the cutting edge and may be bugg”


You’re welcome!

The 4.18 branch also has untested changes in it, if you want the stable version you should check out the release-4.18.0 tag on the release branch.

Right, the 4.18 branch is unstable, but just checking out the release branch is enough (you’ll get the same commit as with the latest release tag)