GitDependencies command line parameters do not work when passed by Setup.bat

To replicate, just type

Setup.bat --force 

from the command line.

The result:

Invalid command line parameter: -force

   GitDependencies [options]

   --all                         Sync all folders
   --include=<X>                 Include binaries in folders called <X>
   --exclude=<X>                 Exclude binaries in folders called <X>
   --prompt                      Prompt before overwriting modified files
   --force                       Always overwrite modified files
   --root=<PATH>                 Set the repository directory to be sync
   --threads=<N>                 Use N threads when downloading new files
   --dry-run                     Print a list of outdated files and exit
   --max-retries                 Override maximum number of retries per file
   --proxy=<user:password@url>   Sets the HTTP proxy address and credentials
   --cache=<PATH>                Specifies a custom path for the download cache
   --cache-size-multiplier=<N>   Cache size as multiplier of current download
   --cache-days=<N>              Number of days to keep entries in the cache
   --no-cache                    Disable caching of downloaded files

Detected settings:
   Excluded folders: Mac, HTML5, Android, Linux
   Proxy server: none
   Download cache: D:\UnrealEngine\4.8\UnrealEngine\.git\ue4-gitdeps

Default arguments can be set through the UE4_GITDEPS_ARGS environment variable.
Registering git hooks...
Installing prerequisites...

Hi Roderick,

I was able to reproduce the results that you described, and have submitted a ticket to have this investigated further (UE-20238). At this time the only workaround I can suggest would be to run GitDependencies.exe with the --force parameter from a command line.

Hi ,

I know this issue is very old, but I was wondering if it has since been resolved? Does the --force parameter now work as expected? Is the UE-20238 ticket publicly viewable?

I have a project that builds against UE 4.17.2 and still rejects --force as an invalid parameter.