GitCentral, a source control plugin that makes teamwork easy!

I am finally ready to announce and release GitCentral.

GitCentral is a source control plugin for Unreal Engine that makes teamwork easy! Share your work in a few clicks, without ever leaving Unreal. It’s intuitive, fast and fun.

Most indie developers and small teams struggle with source control or don’t use it at all! GitCentral brings the source control workflow behind major game studios to teams of any size and budget. Never lose any work again, with full history of your project at your disposal, you can work confidently and roll back at any time.

I developed GitCentral during the course of a personal project with a team of remote collaborators. I am used to source control in the context of my professional projects, where we host our own Perforce servers. Unfortunately, without this expensive infrastructure, I realized there is no good solution for smaller teams out there to collaborate easily… until now!

GitCentral solves this problem for small teams using Unreal Engine. It implements a centralized workflow in which each asset can be versioned independently. Gone is the time where you had to use Dropbox, send assets over via email, or lose work when someone makes a mistake. Practice the same workflow major game studios use at a fraction of the cost.

As its name implies, GitCentral uses Git and Git-LFS as a backend. If you want to learn more, check out GitCentral’s features.

GitCentral was released on the Unreal Marketplace today. Check it out! This is a beta release, so there may be some issues left. I am looking forward to user feedback and will be available for support.

I hope you will have a great time using GitCentral!


  • **User Friendly: **Fully integrated in Unreal. Learn to use it in a few minutes only! Your team will never struggle with git again.
  • **Centralized Workflow: **Every member of your team works with a central repository where all the progress and history is shared.
  • **Only what you need: **Pick assets you want to share or update, synchronize the entire project only when you need it.
  • **Full History: **Review the full history of an asset, view differences and roll back to a previous version if things go wrong
  • **Powered by Git LFS: **Access the entire git ecosystem for hosting and tools. Programmers can work in git as usual.
  • **Advanced Features: **Support for conflict resolution and locking, several branches, remotes, separate repositories for code and content and more.

Learn more: GitCentral Features - Kahncode