Git workflow when modifying engine code

I’ve only done basic things with git and having trouble figuring out how to work with the UE4 repository.

  1. I’m editing engine code
  2. I’d like to be able to update to new engine versions / bleeding-edge
  3. Would like my base to be 4.8 code

I found git to be difficult to learn by doing, since you f*ck things up if you do something wrong, and working with a huge codebase such as UE4 is even more annoying - 1 ****up and you need to d/l 4gb again.

So #2… Someone with experience with git should be able to point me to the commands I need from A-Z. telling me “just branch and merge” doesn’t help much since there are 1000 ways to do 1 thing in git :slight_smile:
This is what i’ve figured

  1. Fork the UE4 to my own repo
  2. Clone the repo with git clone [myrepo]
  3. run git checkout -b 4.8 origin/4.8
  4. it downloads 2gb
  5. git remote add upstream
  6. git branch -b mychanges to create a new branch with my changes
  7. when i want to update from new version: git fetch upstream & git merge upstream/4.9

good? no? sucks? help!!