Git issues

In epic/master branch up to commit b7e4a8e072a164a637aa3eace553bdf3d4432a4e I get this message when running, git rebase epic/master, git merge epic/master, and git checkout (some branch).

Stat() call for Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/svn/Mac/build-1/ failed with error -1


ls Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/svn
ls: cannot access Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/svn: No such file or directory

This is on openSuse linux 13.2 and git version 2.1.2.

Looks like the svn dir doesnt exist…

(or that the permissions are wrong)

If the dir exists, do an ls -la and check the permissions…

Yeah forgot to mention the directory does not exist.

I also get this in 4.6

Registering git hooks... (this will override existing ones!)
Updating UE4 binary dependencies (excluding Win32, Win64, Mac, HTML5, Android)...
Received 53/53 files (108.0/108.0mb; 5.21mb/s; 100%)...
Stat() call for Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/svn/Mac/build-1/ failed with error -1

I’ve just submitted a new executable that should fix this. It sets executable permissions for all the executables that are in the dependency manifest, but it wasn’t filtering out all the files that aren’t downloaded for each platform. Linux doesn’t download Mac files, so it fails when it calls Stat() to get the current permissions.

This has been fixed by BenM today, and the fix will shortly land in 4.6 branch.

Thanks guys.

Man, can you do a tutorial for build Unreal Engine in OpenSUSE?