Git push using lfs for an existing (large) project takes forever!

I have a UE4 project (4.27.2) that is about 60gb large. I am for the first time trying to push the repo to github. I am using lfs to do so, but it’s been pushing for about 20 minutes at this point and still only 6% done. Is this a common issue or am i being a noob about doing this?
Please see active git push screenshot:

Disclaimer: This is my first time using git and or source control with a ue4 project.

purely dependent on your internet speed.

That’s a huge upload, will take a while.

For you and everyone else new to git.

The initial push is a full push - all files need uploading - as such, it takes the time it has to take.

The benefit is that subsequent pushes will only push file parts - reducing the time it takes.

This is the same with evertything.
SVN, Team Foundation, whatever else you use.

Some times, it may be preferrable to do the initial push during local “off peak” hours when using public stuff - like github.

Persoanlly, I just use a local system. Power on the storage machine, rsync new files. Power off.
Not saying thats the way everyone should go - but i am saying that the source control in editor stuff is worthless :stuck_out_tongue:

Setting up a Perforce server on your local hard drive (or another machine on your network) is simple to do and avoids massive bandwidth usage over your internet connection. And it’s free if you have less than 5 users on your team.