Git plugin crashing engine

So recently started using Git LFS 2 Source Control Plugin. It’s really good for the most part but if I try to pull from github in engine it just straight up crashes. Here is a screen shot of my log

and also a video of what I do to get it to crash. Git plugin crash - YouTube

Hi! I am the author of the official Git plugin, and also of this new LFS 2 version of the plugin that you have grabbed from my Github repository ; this to say that it might be the right place to get the right feedback. You might want to open a github issue Issues · SRombauts/UE4GitPlugin · GitHub

Can you please post your full log file from your /Saved/Logs/?
There should be a crash callstack at the end, could be useful!

Hey thanks for the reply. I’ve opened a issue on GitHub and posted my crash log.