Git LFS Tutorials

There are already some tutorials on YouTube about how to get up and running with Git and UE4 however they do not go into much detail covering all aspects of development.

Some suggestions of what to cover in the video:

  1. how to handle source files with Git LFS for art assets that do not live inside the Unreal Project folder; i.e. .ma, .psd, etc.

  2. what are best practices for working with Git LFS inside UE4

  3. setting up a local server with Git LFS (with different operating systems)

  4. setting up a cloud server with Git LFS

  5. when will Git LFS support in UE4 editor become official (Still in Beta)

There is a newer version on github: GitHub - SRombauts/UE4GitPlugin: Unreal Engine 4 Git LFS 2 Source Control Plugin (beta)
But, still in beta.