Git Hub, Tortoise, Source Tree, alternatives + Question

Hey everyone.

My main Question is, what can we use that lets 5-10gb+ projects be shared (That does not run into 50 issues…), details beneath.

In my first semester we used Source Tree in class for a 2d Unity game. We never had a single issue with source tree (

Now we are using unreal engine and have a lot bigger files (assets + project total around 5-6 gb)
We started with Tortoise Git but exceeded the 2gb limit. the repository was closed and we made a new one with Github + LFS (Large file storage) to have a total of 50gb space.
Yet with github+lfs on every computer we run into issues all the time. Basically 10-15 errors that need to be solved before it works when setting it up.

What other, easy to work, ways would there be? I’ve been told this is the only thing, but I highly doubt it…

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lamakill3r,

I use a version control software called "Perforce"and it works great for me and friend who try to make games. It’s worth taking a look at :slight_smile:

What you mean by issues??? (those 1- 15 errors??)

Setup your own gitlab repo… :P… havent isntalled phabricator, but blender uses it also comes from fb

Searching right now there is and GitHub - gitbucket/gitbucket: A Git platform powered by Scala with easy installation, high extensibili