Git check out

Hello everyone,

I have my editor configured to use git as my VCS. I have my own server in which the repo is hosted.

My problem is that I cannot find the “Check Out” option in the right-click menu of any blueprint/asset. My VCS menu only shows Refresh, History and Diff Against Depot.

Am I wrong if I think that when modifying any asset, my teammates shall check out the asset in order to lock it for editing? If so, how to do that? I tried with the auto-checkout on asset modification but that’s not working as expected either, since I modify an asset and it’s not being checked out.

Any ideas on how to properly configure GIT to work as expected?

Moreover, how to make a push from the editor? I seem to be able to make the commit by “Checking In” some asset, but can I make the push to the remote repo from the editor itself?

Many thanks.

but i see the log:
“Operation ‘CheckOut’ not supported by source control provider ‘Git’”
does git not support “checkout”?

Git doesn’t support the checkout operation, unlike SVN or Perforce. Reason: Everyone has a complete copy of a Git Repository and so there is no one to request a universal “lock” from.

Git LFS 2.0 does support locking mechanism.

UE4 doesn’t natively work with Git LFS 2.0, but there is a plugin by Sébastien Rombauts

that replaces the native Git plugin and does support locking. My team uses that in our project.


starting from Git LFS 2.0 it does.