Girl with a sword arm thing (Working title)

Started working on this not too long ago to learn some stuff about Blue Prints. Just followed the easy things are easy tutorials for a lot of it. Still obviously needs a lot of work, but smashing stuff is a lot of fun! haha. Character is based on Lauren Fernandez who really has that dope back tattoo.

If anyone could help me out, I cannot figure out how to smash the enemy characters or even hit them for some reason. I have a collision capsule around my sword for the deductibles. Anyone out here know a blue print to fire hit events on the enemy also? I have them able to take hit events. I just want them to take force and turn into rag dolls. Can’t get it to work.

Any feedback so far would be appreciated! Ignore the music haha. Didn’t realize music came with the recorder I am using.

A few character screen caps. 21K poly with a few material sets. I keep wanting to do more with it. Hair needs to be re-done, and the eyes need the spec to work ect. I really like how ue 4 lets me make cool pore tiles pretty easy. Most texturing was all done in Substance Painter.

Posting this because it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure it out. If you pull textures straight from substance painter as packed for UE4 for some reason the metal doesn’t look right. But if you attach the blue channel to metallic it seems to show up correctly. Attached is a sample in case anyone out here is running into the same problem, because all the online tutorials show maps that look completely different.

Nice unique concept looks interesting. Also thanks for the tip on substance I have had some maps come across perfect while others have issues even from the substance data base utilizing the plug in. Looking forward to seeing more of the plot to this game.

This looks very professional! And destroying stuff is always fun. If I were to make a nitpick, though – the smoke trail coming from the character’s Sword Arm Thing looks a bit wonky, attached as it is to the character’s location.

I think there’s a setting you could change if you wanted the smoke to billow out more realistically. If the smoke is being generated in the animation via an Anim Notify, that is.

I wish I could help you with your enemies. I don’t know anything about hit events.

haha, thanks man. Yes, I have that smoke fixed so its not stiff anymore in my latest version. now working on making the hair better. I havnt messed with it for a while, but with the new stuff I have learned it may be about time to get back at it.

I noticed you’re pulling textures straight from Substance Painter. Are you not exporting it to Designer first? You’re suppose to move it to Designer for final touch ups, create the exposed variables that allow you to adjust sliders in-engine, then compile the Sbsar to import into UE4.

Im pulling straight from painter for now. I don’t have designer yet, but hopefully soon so I can get more cool features.

Yeah you’ll find everything is so much better then. When I began importing things into UE4 I was getting frustrated that they were not coming out looking as they did in painter. It wasn’t until I understood the workflow that I found out why. Things like curvature maps and ambient occlusion aren’t even covered in Painter and you create it by moving things back and forth between Designer and Painter. It is actually an extremely fast process to edit textures and work simultaneously in both programs.