GinoidFactory cannot be launched or packaged

Actually it can, but it really doesn’t work at all. When Launched or packaged for WindowsNoEditor and ran, everything seems to be black, except the smoke and the chairs. I thought this was due to the Allegorithmic’s Substance plugin, but I have packaged Atlantis just fine and it works just fine too. I also thought that giving it some time to generate/inflate the textures would fix the thing (since I have noticed Atlantis being black for a while when packaged and ran, but fixes itself shortly afterwards)

This may not be the proper place to post this (probably Allegorithmic deserves this question) but… while it would be nice to see it fixed I’m mainly interested in this:

  • why it works perfectly fine inside the editor which renders the whole map, while when Launched/Packaged, most of the “map” is black and can be passed thru. I can also fall thru the floor in some spots too.
  • and how to notice and ‘expect’ similar behavior with our own projects? This is a nice way of asking “how to notice I’m reproducing the bug AND avoid reproducing it” before it’s a lost cause and can’t be easily fixed/avoided anymore.

The UI inconsistency made me post the question because up until now I figured - “how the game looks when Played is probably how it’ll look when Launched or Packaged then Ran” but this… this example baffled me. I’ve never seen such a great difference between playing in editor and playing outside the editor.

If this should have been posted under “Bug Reports” - please feel free to move it there. That one seemed like the “right option” but after giving it a second thought, “packaging and deployment” might be a more suitable one instead due to being more closely related to the nature of the problem.

Thanks in advance and kind regards.

Howdy devshark,

I am going to close this issue because it is a duplicate of another thread that you have posted. Please refer to that thread for more information on this issue. Here is a link to the other thread: GynoidFactory cannot be packed or launched - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks and have a great day!