GigaMaidens - 1v1 3D arena fighter looking for 3D animators

**ATTENTION: We have reached our limit and are no longer accepting any applications for the animator role. Thanks very much for your interest and watch this space for more positions in the future!

Project Title:** GigaMaidens

Description: 1 vs. 1 3D arcade-style fighting game in the vein of SoulCalibur featuring an all-female cast of giants.

Game Features:

  • Arcade-style 1 vs. 1 fighting with ability to move in all directions
  • Colorful anime-style aesthetic
  • Humorous, wild and sexy atmosphere
  • Lots of over-the-top action with an all-female cast of giants with highly destructive powers and abilities
  • A callback to a more fun and lighthearted era of fighting games
  • Fully destructible city and landscape arenas


Josh Tejada - Creator, director, character designer

Samuel Teo Shun - Character designer, lead artist

Shaun “Jestersheepy” Baker - Unreal Engine 4 programmer

Green Alpha - Sound Designer

Tee Lopes - Music Composer

Previous Work: N/A - our first title

Talent Required:


Rates: Negotiable. Can pay by hour or by animation exported. Payment done via Paypal at the end of each month. - Our deviantart page, where you can find our character concept art and fledgling community.

Contact Info:

Email - [EMAIL=“”]
Discord - PsychoJosh#2917

Bumping this thread for a new position that’s opened up!

EDIT: And it’s been filled. Thanks for your interest!

Bumping again for a new animator position.

EDIT: We’ve reached our limit and are no longer accepting applications. Thanks for your interest!

Are you all open to working with an external partner to tackle all of the animations or just an individual? Cheers!

Hi, we’re just looking for individuals at this time. Thanks :slight_smile: