GibsonLesPaul Cinematic | GuitarConfigurator | Guitar VirtualShowroomR&D using the UnrealEngine4.24

Hello everyone.

I publish 3R&D projects, Gibson LesPaul Cinematic / Guitar configurator / Guitar VirtualShowroom R&D.
This content uses Real-Time Raytracing using RTX graphic board.
Guitar Virtual Showroom using oculus rift s.

**Gibson LesPaul Cinematic : **

**Guitar configurator : **

Guitar VirtualShowroom R&D :

Still images :

beautiful work, and creative, I would love to check out the virtual feeling…

That’s super cool!! where I can try that?

Very nice. Some top notch modeling and texturing and lighting all add up to a very slick, detailed presentation.

Wonderful job, do you can speak about workflow? thank you

I would love to check this out.
Is it available to download?

cool! but I already have a Gibson Les Paul :smiley:

Hello guys, can you do that with UE for a web site? noob questions.