Giants Of Destruction WIP


I am 18 (16 when I started) year old developer. I do 3D modeling and programming for about 3 years.

I 'm currently working on a game called Giants of destruction for about 6 months.

I am a solo developer, I am using Unreal engine 4 to develop my game.

About the game.

Giants of destruction is a racing action game based on high speed racing and fast paced battles in Deathmatch arenas. It is inspired by games that I played as a kid.

Main goal is to create a multiplayer environment where players will test there skills in a online multiplayer rampage.Current demo only supports single player.

The game will have many fun game modes to play around with, Example: Deathmatch, Capture the flag, High speed race etc. You can already find some of those modes in a demo version which you can play right here :slight_smile:

All of the vehicles are made by me. Final version of this game will have many highly armored and armed vehicles with unusual designs. Weapons will vary from Conventional to very overpowered futuristic weapons, for example, Plasma cannon and armor piercing laser guns.

You can download demo version here :


Here is my website:


My YouTube channel:
YouTube channel:…tewlDhM-zX_v5w

I am currently working on a multiplayer mode but it is still very experimental.

Some videos from the game.

All feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Looks good!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just a little update, I transfered most of the Blueprints to C++ to gain some performance and also I was working on a C++ Vehicle AI plugin which will be available on the Marketplace, link is in my signature.

Ai system is great and so is your project giants of destruction also. good luck to your project even multiplayer system is very challenging to made

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

Great job, man!

Thank You!

It looks really good! However, it seems that you like post-processing effects a little too much. Especially in last video, that light of vehicle itself and “foginess” all over the place, it makes everything really unclear and confusing.

Thanks, fog and all the post-process effects look a lot worse on the pictures than in the game.

What 3d modeling software do you use?
Also, I would increase the speed of the cars in both races and combat, seems really slow. But thats just my opinion. Awesome game! :smiley:

Thank you! :slight_smile:
I use Blender, I am still playing around with speed and with other things to get some sort of balance :stuck_out_tongue:

Did a quick multiplayer test with a new vehicle.

Made a new level for the game :slight_smile:

Looking very nice [MENTION=29846]Blue man[/MENTION]!

You are very talented! :cool:

Keep up the awesome work. Will this be available in steam?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
My goal is to release it on Steam but it is currently far from the release :stuck_out_tongue:

New redesigned website for the Giants Of Destruction is online, all the latest news can be found there and now you can registrate on the website.

Made a new vehicle, still not sure how to name it :stuck_out_tongue:

New vehicle for the game, it took me about 7 hours to make

Lookin’ great! Especially dat vehicle AI man O_O
What d’you use for your vehicle? The Wheeled Vehicle Class or a Custom Pawn/Class?

And is that name in any way inspired by the game Machines of Destruction?