Giant Megalodons!

Giant Megalodons!

This is a updated version of the Giant Megalodon mod i made a few days back. I apologise to those who had downloaded the original version . I had to restart as i lost the original mod files. On the bright side though, it allowed me to fix the melee attack animation and the bugged rider socket .

Found the oceans too empty? This mod is for you!

*Note: This mod was never intended for realism.In fact the current 11m megs arent really that far off from conservative 15m estimates for megalodons). However, in a game with hugely exaggerated dino sizes (Trexes are 2-3 times their irl sizes. Mosasaur is just ridiculous) it sucks to have the Megalodon be so undermined. Hence, this mod is intended to change that.

  • Megalodons are renamed Juvenile Megalodons with edited stats. They now have 300 health and 100 melee damage instead. This change is intended to make ocean exploring more fun and tense. . The meg can end you easily, but so can you.

-Giant Megalodons added into game. Tamable and rideable! Though I highly suggest swimming in the other direction if you see one :stuck_out_tongue:

Giant Megalodon Stats : 5000 health 500 stamina 5000 torpor 500 carry weight 1250 base damage.

Summon command : cheat Summon giantmegalodon_character_bp_c

Juvenile Megalodon Stats : 300 Health 320 Stamina 400 Torpor 250 carry weight. 100 Base damage

-Fixed melee not working bug.
-Fixed player hovering bug.
-revised megalodon stats.

Enjoy the mod! Pls give me feedback on the mod as well so I can make changes if necessary. Particularly, I have two questions for those who are using the mod

  1. Do you like the Juvenile Megalodons.? Or would you like me to change their stats back to their default ones.
  2. Would you want the Giant Megalodon to stay as the OP Giganoto Of The Ocean Monster or should i nerf it to mosasaurus levels?
  3. The High base dmg (1250) is supposed to reflect Megalodons having the largest bite force of all time. How that will play out for endgame players i dont know, so please give me feedback on this. (I’ dont play the game srsly and prefer fking around with cheats and mods so balance isnt an issue for me)

-Nerf to tamed giant megas depending on player feedback.
-Exotic Giant Megalodon colors!
-Camera angle. changes. Currently the game camera treats giant megas as normal megs, thus the giant meg takes up 2/3 of the screen.

Hope the forum can give me feedback on this mod ^.^
Link :


Funny thing, the model viewer says the default megalodon are ~1625 units long… That’s 16.25 meters, not the mere 11 meters you mention.

I’m going to guess the giant megalodon is really gigantic then… going for the 40+ meter long size?