Ghosty Angels Character Pack

[FONT=lucida sans unicode]Hello community!

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[FONT=lucida sans unicode]I’ve made my first character pack of sweety ghosty angels.
Avaialble for versions starting with 4.19
At first it was just one model with nimbus and wings (going to use it in a game) but they appear to be so cute that I decided to make a pack of characters.



  • idle
  • walk
  • jump
  • fly idle
  • fly
  • fly fast
  • greeting
  • take item
  • give item
  • magic
  • clutch at head
  • sick

[FONT=lucida sans unicode]You may notice that there are no attack or death animation (why kill so cuties???), for death you may use physics asset or dissolve effect (you can find many guides in youtube), but if they are really neccessary just let me know I’ll try to made neccessary animations (or characters).

Feedback appreciated!