Ghostbusters VR WIP

Hello all, this is my first post here; I’m very new to UE and game dev in general. I spent the lockdown trying to teach myself game development without any prior experience… after a couple of months messing around in Blender and Unreal, I decided to jump into the VR editor. Growing up with the Ghostbusters movies, I always wanted to shoot a proton pack of my own, and this seemed like the perfect fit. This is a screenshot taken from within VR; this was about 2 weeks of work between the modeling, texturing, figuring out particle systems and how to implement, figuring out the VR controls, etc. I added the Stay Puft man late last night and haven’t quite finished his hands (and Slimer was thrown together in about 10 minutes which is why he looks a little janky) but overall I’m pretty pleased with the way things are coming along. Let me know what you think!