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Hello Everyone!

Here’s a project that Eric and I have been working on for a little while now. We originally planned for this project to be a two-week project, which for the most part it was, after seeing the 30th anniversary re-release of Ghostbusters in theaters in August.

We planned from the outset to make this project available for anyone who wanted it as well along with the assets provided so long as they are used for personal use and not resold. Please give credit where it’s due if you use any of the assets as well. :slight_smile:

With that said, there were some caveats to how we created this project. We did not create this to be a player experience, but simply a cinematic. Running in real-time there are some moments of sluggishness and FPS drop. We optimized a little with the assets to make life easier while working and we do use LODs on the books since they are there are a lot of them. This helps with the FPS in real-time, but this experience was not meant to be used in real-time. If anyone wants to alter/tweak or have fun the project is available to do so. :wink:

In our initial stages we spent short while blocking out the level with BSP and the basic Matinee sequence.

1- BSP_Blockout.PNG

My general workflow for modeling is to get the assets into the level as quickly as possible so we can start blocking out and seeing what works and what doesn’t. This has worked very well for Eric and I on previous projects and ones going forward since we’re only a team of 2 or even 3 at times.

While I work on getting UVs finalized along with other assets and meshing out the level Eric is working on VFX and any Blueprints that are needed to make the sequence work.

Here are a couple of images from the meshing process.

3 - Meshing1.PNG

4 Meshing2.png

General Screenshots



A_3 copy.jpg

Project Download

Download Project here:!xJQTnLjB!MCnw4YWls_R3DcWUpuMD5ep3AvSwTWVFYaqlSQhH9zc

Fantastic work Tim and Eric! this was an Awesome Show. Great Job!

The most Awesome show ever! Great job, Tim and Eric!

It’s awesome to see all of this come together. I had only seen bits and pieces until now. Looks great guys!

Those drawers are so cool! Awesome job Tim & Eric! :slight_smile:

I saw the video and I was hey this is awesome, then I read that the people working on it are Epic devs. THIS IS OBVIOUS :smiley: ! Continue the great work guys. Looking forward to download it.

One remark though: Why don’t the papers on the video bend like how papers and money in Batman Arkham games? I thought both those games and UE4 support Nvidia Physx. I hope you update that for us. Thanks :slight_smile:

awesome :slight_smile:

Eric may have more to say on this since he did the particle effect for the cards flying, but we didn’t use PhysX for that. He did use some world position offset to give the cards a ripple-like effect when moving though. The only thing using physics in the sequence is the book case that falls over. :slight_smile:

Our next project we’re planning on doing as a playable one and we’ll have some more interesting things going on, but that’s still probably two-months out. We do all this in our free time which can be limited at times.

Wow, you really awesome. I love devs who never forget their roots who first of all dedicated fans and love deidcated fans of video games and arts (not just video games merchants :p)

Yeah, I did consider and test a much more dramatic paper effect, but decided against it. I left a little bit, but wanted to try to match the look of the card stock from the original effect in the movie which is much more rigid. That being said we wanted to use just the base engine so we didn’t use any special plugins or effects packs.

Thanks everyone now I have to go work on the next project, KA-WOOSH!

Thanks for the answer and good luck for your next project. But it seems you forgot something: If you already moved to the next project, where is the download link for this project? XD :confused:;):D:rolleyes:

We’ll put it up by the end of the week. :wink:

Oh cool thanks! Only in this page or in the Market Place too?

Only here. This is not anything official from Epic. All of our projects will be available here on the forums if we decide to share them publicly.

Hi there,
great, I saw alot of questions here on the forum about how to let things happened,
It will help alot of people, you are doing a great job.

This is just awesome.

Oh Finally the download link is here. Thanks! :smiley:

Edit: I got this error when launching the demo:confused: :


And I got Swarm Agent icon on my toolbar. What is it?

And when switching to viewport mode then hitting play I getting red message : “Lighting needs to be rebuilt:1 object needs to be rebuilr” and when I rebuild lights (which takes almost an hour and eats all my ressources) I still get the same red message about ligthing needing to be rebuilt. And the demo runs very porrly for me eventhough i could run all other demos fine at Epic quality.

Not sure on the lighting needs to be rebuilt for 1 object. We didn’t have the issue when we rendered out the Matinee. I’ll have to look into that at some point, but there may be something in one of the Blueprints or somewhere that’s not getting it’s shadow build properly.

For the Curve. You can fix this by opening the ghostlogo_move blueprint and disconnect the Move timeline > Compile the BP > Reconnect the Move timeline > Compile. Clear the Map check log and then go to Build > Map Check > Load Errors > and the issue should no longer be there. This may be a one off bug or something reproducible. I’ll have to look into that.



Narrowed down the unbuilt object is in the level Library_OtherAssets. I will go through this sometime this weekend and see if I can figure out where the error is occurring. Once all this is resolved I’ll update the download for anyone else who chooses to download and use anything. :slight_smile:

download link is broken :frowning:

Error (509)
This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

I had the same issue with dropbox a couple of days gao…

@Tim - Upload it onto or Google Drive, both of them haven’t complained about internet traffic (yet), I would give them a try! :slight_smile: