Ghost Town - City Generation Tool for 3DS Max

I recently discovered this tool called Ghost Town Elite. See the video above to see the awesome in action.

You can buy it for 60 Euros here

That said - I am not sure if it is suitable for real time applications like Unreal Engine 4.

Either way it is a steal for the price compared to other apps in its league such as CityEngine

We have something like this for use inside the engine, but it does not come close to Ghost Town. Here:

The new stuff coming in ghost town 0.8 is amazing, ended up buying it yesterday.

If you do not mind me asking what kind of stuff? :smiley:

I must know for my game :slight_smile:

More or less everything in the video you linked is 0.8 content. He rewrote most of ghostTown and the new upcoming 0.8 version features tons of new stuff showed in the video. One important thing is automatically setting material IDs. Also the whole node based building thing he shows in the video is new as far as I know. He have outlined new features in his forum.

Hey, sorry to revive such old thread, but I’m looking into creating cities for Unreal, and right now don’t have the budget to buy the items from the marketplace here.
I’m trying out ghostTown Lite 0.320, but as of right now I haven’t had any luck exporting/importing from Max into Unreal.

How about for you? Have you had any luck? Thanks!

I ended up not using Ghost Town because at the moment it doesn’t fit my needs. Have you tried their forum? KilaD is very helpful when you ask questions.

Thanks, right now I ended up using assets from some Unreal demos, which say can be used commercially, but will look into their forums if it comes to it, thanks!

Just letting you all know that ghostTown 1.0 has officially been RELEASED! GhostTown


Efficiency with poly’s?

I love the look of this tool but I was wondering if anyone has any first-hand knowledge of how efficient the program is when it comes to poly counts when working in LARGE environments. As good as everything looks, if it kills realtime playthrough when loaded with realtime lighting, NPC’s walking around, AI controlled enemies, and the mai hero character I would probably not want to use it.

When using what looks like a populate tool and fills the city with doodads and cars and such it seems like it would have a really high polycount. What would a scene that is roughly 10km x 10km cost in terms of polycount?

The Online video from the website actually shows that the created building parts are very low poly… My question would be… what about UVW mapping ?

It all depends on how complex your custom prefab chunks are but in most cases we’ve had very little problems in regards to large scenes.

Here’s an old thread which might answer some of your questions:

Though just remember that most of those issues mentioned in those links above have now been resolved in v0.8, v0.9 & v1.0

I would suggest you guys go visit and sign-up to the official ghostTown forums for gaining answers to more technical questions regarding the product: ghostTown • Forum

The developer kilaD is usually very fast to reply to your questions which is a bonus :slight_smile: