Ghost empty non-scene components which can't be deleted and crash Editor on rename


I am following the Udemy C++ tutorial. One of the parts is creating custom C++ static mesh component class. It appears to be somewhat buggy though, as certain type of changes to the class make the custom C++ StaticMeshComponent lose some of its settings on every compile. The remedy for this seems to be removing the custom C++ class, and adding it again. It happened to me twice, so I used this delete and add new one procedure twice.

Now, I am not sure what I did, but at a certain point, those two previous deleted custom C++ StaticMeshComponent classes came back from the dead in form of these “ghost” Non-scene component entries in my blueprint outliner. These entries can’t be deleted (the delete option is available but does nothing), and if I attempt to rename them, the Editor crashes immediately. They also have a weird icon I’ve never seen before.
Does anyone know how can I get rid of these?

Thanks in advance.