GGPO open source code inside of UE4

Hi, I have been wondering what it requires to use GGPO inside of UE4.

Rising Thunder was a game created by the man behind GGPO. The project was developed inside of UE4. He is currently working with Riot to develop a game using his GGPO network system. The code is open source, however I have found no reliable information as to how to implement this inside of UE4. Not being an expert programmer I thought I would turn to the answers center to see if anyone could help me solve this question.


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Same I haven’t found any either. Have you found anything on this?
It seems like answers to this questions are just kinda scattered around the internet and various development discords.

I’d like a tutorial on how to integrate it. Or a Tutorial on how to build a SIMPLE game using GGPO from start to finish.