gFur, free shell based fur plugin

Hey everybody,

we have released our free shell based fur plugin called gFur -

Have fun :slight_smile:


  • There is one crucial step (that’s mentioned in the installation guide) - you have to manually (for now) copy the shader file “GFurFactory.ush” to “Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Shaders\Private” or any similar path you may have on your system.
  • sample content and the standard gFur shader can be found in the Plugin folder, e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\GFur\Content”

When is support for Static Meshes coming, I want to make Carpets for Archviz

Great plugin, thanks for this!

Not sure at the moment, will let you know.

Thanks for that nice plugin. I’m trying to get it work with a source build of 4.18.2 Version of Unreal engine.
It says, there are binaries missing or the version is incompatible. Do I have to build the plugin from the source and change something in the shader files? Maybe in the “Version.h”, but I’m not sure how to do that.

edit: I already tested it with the standard installation of unreal. Everything is fine there. So it must be only a small version conflict.
edit2: Managed to get it work by regenerating project files and rebuilding the source =)

Great you got it working :slight_smile:
Also thanks for the info how you did it.

No Problem. I’m currently making a toony character and adjusting the shader settings to a simple but fluffy way :smiley:
I like the physics, making the tail really fluffy. It only needs some more toony simple shaped noise file I think. Gonna do some testing with textures.
Shrinking down ambient occlusion made it look a lot more toony.

Would you mind posting some screenshots when you are done?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure, give me a day or two for prototyping.

I’ll give it a try, thanks.

SilentAndAsleep - what about the name tho? :slight_smile:

Here’s a small Vid of what I’m trying to achieve. It’s just real quick example, recorded inside the unreal editor, so the fps are sometimes a little lower. The performance of the physics itself are quite good.
I changed the original gFur shader a little, making the fur at the tip longer (more fluffy =D).

Shader looks good.

I guess you will figure it out by yourself, but one of the things you could try for different fluffy effect is to have “Stiffness” and “Damping” going a bit wild and then limit them with lower “Max Force” and “Max Force Torque Factor”. I’m starting to think we have set those max forces a bit too high for the defaults.

Ah yes, my max force is set to 1. But I will play a little more with “Stiffness” and “Damping”.
Originally, I tried to make a more subtle effect, like in this anime fox tail →…ll.1575464.jpg
But that’s kinda hard to make. Or maybe it’s so easy, that I overlook the how it’s done =)
But I’m pretty satisfied with the current results.

edit: I just reckognized the outlines around the fur. Maybe it looks better if I disabling those, just for the gFur stuff.
edit2: I’m gonna upload a 2nd video, with semi-toonish look. Look way more fluffy without those noisy outlines. Just a minute

Here again without outlines and a little AO.
Need to find this guide, disabling post processing for certain objects via custom stencil.

btw: is it the normal direction of the vertices/faces, that controls the furs initial direction? Maybe, the direction interpolates between each, so I can control the “hairstyle” a little more.

Looks good. You could also try “Noise Strength” in “Shell Settings” for a bit of extra noise. Another thing to consider is to somehow use the emporarAA feature/node to break up the looks further.

If you are not using “Fur Guides” then yes, the vertex normal controls the initial direction.

For the most control, you could use Hair and Fur in 3dsmax or similar in other 3d packages. Most or all of them have the concept of shaping the hair/fur via spline guides. These can be exported to UE and gFur will import them correctly. You can then use those as “Fur Guides”. gFur will take length and also how they are bend from those guides. The most important thing is that these guides need to “grow” from the mesh vertexes. Only those count for gFur.

Oh, I didn’t see the 2nd page. Thanks a bunch for that information. The guide/spline features are really good to have. So the hair length/direction information will interpolate between verts.
I’ll definitely make some mobs/hairstyles/fur-armor with gFur. Really appreciate the possibilities the controls/settings offer me. And for the temporal AA, it doesn’t fit for my toon setting, because the silhouette will “smear” the otherwise sharp look of toony characters when they move. Noise strength feature will be useful for some more detailed fur-armor I’m planning to make.
So many ideas, don’t know where to start :S Thanks for making this plugin =)

Really glad you like it and is useful to you :slight_smile:

Love your plugin. Though I’m having difficulty making the spline guides.

What is the process of exporting Spline guides?
What format is it?
When you export a character with their rig to export the splines, do you only need the splines selected, the mesh with the splines, the whole animated character with the splines?
How do you import splines correctly into UE?

Any pointers would be great!

PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Android support?