GetTransformAtDistanceAlongSpline issue


I’d like to make a static mesh to move along a spline component in an Actor BP and found that using GetTransformAtDistanceAlongSpline node won’t let the meshes to move “smoothly”.
It flutters slightly rather than moving at a consistent speed, which I expect.
It can be reproduced even with such simple blueprints and on just a straight spline.

Am I missing something easy or is it a bug of the node?
Please let me know if you know how to solve this issue.

Try something like this:

Or possibly like this:

If you Google and Youtube search there are a ton of turotials and vids on this topic. I suggest spending some time doing some homework and experimenting to learn using splines well. You will learn a lot of different uses and techniques as there is almost always more than one way of achieving a goal.

What’s your frame rate? The DeltaSeconds is the time spent bewteen two frames. It maight be a low frame rate cause the DeltaSeconds value not stable.