Getting Variables from the Player State to Character BP

Hi there,

Apologies, I am fairly new and a bit stuck!

Situation is, I am doing a multiplayer networked game. I had the float variables of Health, Stamina etc within the Player Character BP. Problem is the HUD only worked for the Server. So after much research it seems I was a dummy and should instead store those variables within Player State.
So I have now set them up as variables within the player state and that’s working fine, every clients HUD is correct to the values.

New problem is as follows: I want to use the stamina system for sprinting, jumping etc… I can’t register the input from player state so how do I get the input action of Jump, to check against the value of stamina from the player state?
For example, I want to make sure say, Variable of ‘Stamina’ is greater than Variable of ‘Stamina Jump Amount’ and if True, Jump!

I managed to get it to do the check and render true or false, however this only seemed to make the server char jump but never the client.

I have tried many ways much to my distress and got nowhere. Spent hours searching and also found nothing.

Someone please save me this headache! Thanks in advance!

Thats where you will want to use a “Cast” node to send the variable from that into your player state 1.

So I would make the float variables on the characters blue print and cast that to the playerstate or are you saying input action jump > cast to player state to call let’s say a function that gets a return node boolean of CanJump? after it checks stamina float value is greater than required stamina amount and then on the character BP use a branch to true/false that boolean?

Hope that makes sense!

Also, no matter where I store my variables, I can never seem to get my HUD widget to display the clients stats. I set up a print string that after a delay of 2 on event tick, it outputs my current health and stamina.
What I have got is in the player state, a function I aptly named “UpdateHUD” on event tick which has a reference to the widget, gets Health Bar, Stealth Bar (Progress Bars) and then sets percent based on the float values of health and stamina * 0.01.
Only ever seems to update the bars for the server or in a single player setup but the other clients all get nothing.

Help greatly appreciated! Thanks for answer ZoltanJr so far!