Getting variables from same base blueprints, returning variables from current blueprint

As in the title. Is this a bug or a feature?


Hi ,

I am a bit confused as to what you are trying to do. Are you attempting to get variables from another blueprint but it is only recognizing the variables from the blueprint you are in? Are these children of another blueprint or independent blueprints?

Yes, i’m doing exactly what you described. The blueprint in the screenshot is a children of the base blueprint.

use a cast to node. You want to cast to the blueprint that has the variable you are looking for. Then use the "As " output to get the variable you are trying to affect.

I’m afraid i can’t do the casting this way, because i would need to cast to every children of the base and that’s not what i want :slight_smile:
I don’t see why it’s getting the variables from the current blueprint and not from the target blueprint. It would work in cpp.

The problem lies in the way blueprints communicate to one another. You have to “tell” the other blueprint (in this case the parent) that you are attempting to alter a variable. Are you adjusting different variables for each and every child blueprint or is it something that you could pull from the parent blueprint and adjust there, passing this information along to all of the child blueprints? If so casting would definitely be an option as you can cast to the parent, switch the variable then tell the parent to pass this variable down to every child blueprint underneath it.

I can’t describe it in words so here is a cpp example.

Is this happening intentionally in BP or is it a bug?

This seems to be intended functionality in the engine. It may be best to ask for proper blueprint setup from the community on the forums. You can find these at Our community is extremely helpful and can provide a lot of additional information on the subject of blueprint scripting.