Getting Variable Value from Multiple Child Actor Blueprints

Hi there, thanks for reading.

I’m making a tower defense game, and I have a MasterTower class that has ~60 children actor blueprints that inherit from it. Each child actor blueprint has a different value for the FireRate (float) variable. I’m wondering if there is a way to output all of these FireRate variables to excel or something so I can compare the values…see if any are off or should be changed.

Any thoughts, easy way to do this?
Thanks in advance

You could create a level with one object of each class spawned and then do something like this in your MasterTower class:

Then you can copy the log output and paste it in excel and use the spaces as delimiter.

I looked at a few options, and this is the best for my purposes and current understanding so far. Only difference is, I’m going to add code to the level blueprint instead: GetAllActorsOfClass function and forloop to print out the strings, instead of adding code to the MasterTower class.

Thank you for your advice